Social Distancing Guidelines

Hi all,

We've decided to put this page together to outline our Social Distancing Guidelines when we reopen to the public on Tuesday 16th June. 

  • For the initial opening period we will only be allowing a maximum of TWO customers in the shop at any one time.
  • On entering the shop there will be a stand with Hand Sanitiser and paper towels available, please use this.
  • FROM JULY 24TH FACE MASKS/COVERINGS ARE MANDATORY. I will be wearing a mask throughout. The bad news about that is all of those of you who do the old "even Dick Turpin wore a mask!" joke will now need to think of some new material ;) 
  • Once in the shop you will notice several marked out areas, please only enter one of those areas if there isn't anyone currently using that area, this way maintaining social distancing.
  • When shopping please try not to pick up any items unless you are seriously considering purchasing them. We realise this one is going to be really hard to follow as it's so natural to want to pick things up to look at them better here so we are not going to enforce this one with a rod of iron but we just ask for you to be considerate of others.
  • While we will accept any payment whatsoever (including Gold Teeth) but at the current time would prefer card payments if possible please.
  • If you have to queue to gain access to the shop we ask that you please respect anyone else queuing and also respect our neighbouring units too. If you are in the shop and customers are waiting whilst we don't want you to rush your visit we ask you to be aware of those who are waiting to come in.
  • Basically, just be kind and considerate of others, we are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to Tony's Trains of Rugby and the best way to do this is if we all get along and we all work together to make the experience as easy and pleasurable as it possibly can despite the measure listed above :) 

The above guidelines are our initial outlines, we may well have to make changes as time goes on, this is very much a learning curve for us as well it will be for everyone else. Other options we are considering is time slots for people visiting if we find the queue gets too long or a portion that's dedicated to time slots for those who might wish to shop on their own due to health issues. But for now we will be open usual hours with the above measures in place. 

Finally and most importantly a massive thank you to all of you for your amazing support during this period, I couldn't do any of this without you guys, Tony :)