Gaugemaster GM430 Mortimer GWR Station OO Scale Plastic Kit

Gaugemaster GM430 Mortimer GWR Station OO Scale Plastic Kit

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This kit is based on the structure still seen today at Mortimer on the Reading to Basingstoke line. The building was designed by the great architect of the Great Western Railway, Mr Brunel himself, and is pretty much intact since its construction in 1848. This ornate design is known as 'Italianate', and was a pretty common feature on the GWR. Most buildings in this style have mostly disappeared, with only the similar but much modified structures at Chepstow remaining.

Because of the longevity of this particular building, the kit will lend itself for all time periods from the 1840s onwards, and will come with accessories such as nameboards, a GWR platform seat, spear fencing and modern image lighting. Although not used as such in real life, the stations design lends itself to also being used as an island platform building so can be considered as a very versatile kit.

Contains 1x OO Scale pre-coloured plastic kit in three colours. Additional painting and weathering can be applied as required. Additional GWR fencing can be added to this kit to form a longer platform edge.

Length: 200mm

Width: 115mm

Height: 100mm